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Klean&Kare Launches #LiveKleanLiveKare Project to Pass Along Healthy Living

     Klean&Kare, a normal saline product by A.N.B. Laboratories Co., Ltd., launches the “LiveKleanLiveKare Pass Along Healthy Living” or LiveKleanLiveKare project on February 22 to promote healthy living during high level of toxic smog pollution. The project starts with an outdoor walk campaign to raise public awareness of current smog situation facing our everyday activities and how to properly prevent and treat symptoms resulting from smog contact. Klean&Kare also invites everyone to make donations through the LiveKleanLiveKare project and will provide saline products by Klean&Kare to all contributors. All donations will go towards charity. The event is organized on Sathorn Road.


Klean&Kare is also donating 1-million baht worth of normal saline products to organization(s) which will be selected by public online voting. To participate, please visit Facebook: KLEAN&KARE and click on the LiveKleanLiveKare project to cast your vote from today until March 31, 2019.


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